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6 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

How to Really Make Money Online

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that it is not as easy as it is portrayed to make money online. Well it turns out that there are many legitimate ways to make money online utilizing the skills and tools you already possess.  In this blog post I’m going to tell you 6 ways to make money online utilizing your current skill set.



make money onlineBlogging is a method of making money online that anyone can do.  A Blog is a web site that contains multiple entries on a specific topic.  Blogging is the act of adding entries or posts to the blog web site.  You can create a blog on any topic that interests you.  Your goal is to create interesting content in an effort to increase the amount of people viewing your blog.

In order to make money blogging you have to monetize your blog.  This simply means adding ways that you can use your blog to make money.  There are many different ways to monetize your blog.  These include selling a product or service, doing affiliate marketing, and advertising.

Here is an excellent blog post on How to Make Money Blogging.


Affiliate Marketing

make money onlineAffiliate Marketing is selling a product or service that you did not create.  You partner with owner of the product or service and become an Affiliate.  As an Affiliate you receive a commission or payment for each new sale or referral that you generate by promoting the product.  Affiliates promote products using blogs, web sites, and email lists just to name a few.

There are many sites that allow you to find products to market. Clickbank is a web site that will allow you to search for affiliate opportunities.  You can also research some of the product that you already use to see if they have an affiliate program.

Click Here for a free 100 day training course that will teach you to become a Super Affiliate.


Selling Products

make money onlineSelling products is one of the oldest methods of making money online.  A product can be a physical product or a digital product.  Examples of physical products include books, clothes, shoes, etc.  Examples of digital products include ebooks, online training courses, photography or even your own music.

Products are sold using your own custom web site, a blog, or by utilizing sites like Amazon, Ebay, or Shopify.



make money onlineYouTube is a site that allows its members to post their own custom videos.  Making money on YouTube consists of creating your personal Channel and posting high quality and interesting content. You can create videos on any topic that interest you.  Once you have content your goal is go get people to watch your channel.  This can be done by sharing your YouTube videos on your social media sites, web sites, or blogs.

In order to make money using YouTube you will need to monetize your channel.  This means agreeing to allow YouTube to post Ads in your videos.  Once you have people viewing your videos, liking and leaving comments, and subscribing to your channel you are on your way to making money from using YouTube.

Click Here to view the PBS Market YouTube site.  Don’t forget to subscribe and like a few videos.


Membership Sites

make money onlineA membership site is a web site that can only be accessed by users that have paid to become a member.  Members of the site pay a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee in order to access the content of the web site.  Membership sites can be created to provide valuable content on many different topics.

Creating a membership site is not as hard as it sounds.  ClickFunnels is an excellent tool that will allow you to create membership web sites along with tons of other types of web sites without any programming skills.

Click Here for a 14 Day Free Trail of ClickFunnels and start building your Membership site today.


Network Marketing

make money onlineNetwork Marketing is similar to Affiliate Marketing as you are selling products that were created by someone else.  It consists of partnering with a company and becoming a Distributor.  As a Distributor you agree to promote or sale products directly for a commission (or percentage of the sell).  In Network Marketing you make money from both product sells and by recruiting other people to become distributors.  As you bring in more distributors the amount of commissions that you make increases.

Each Network Marketing company has a different compensation plan.  A compensation plan tells how the company will pay you as a Distributor.  Network Marketing companies pay weekly, monthly, or a variation of both.

Click Here if you are interested in a legitimate Network Marketing opportunity.

How to Make Money Online with Easy Cash Code

How to Make Money Online

There are multiple ways to make money online. If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing the Easy Cash Code system is an excellent way to make instant commissions online. Easy Cash Code is a funded proposal system that allows you to generate instant cash flow.

The following video provides an overview of the Easy Cash Code Systems and details how to make money online using ECC.

To find out more about the Easy Cash Code System view the Easy Cash Code – SCAM or Legitimate? blog post.


Start Making Money Online Now

Now that you know all about the Easy Cash Code system it’s time to take action. Getting started requires only a one time $18 investment.

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Easy Cash Code – SCAM or Legitimate?

By now I’m sure you have heard of Easy Cash Code. It’s the $18 System that is taking Facebook by storm.  But what is Easy Cash Code?  Is it legitimate or is it a scam?

What is Easy Cash Code?

Easy Cash CodeEasy Cash Code (ECC) was created by Reginald Stinson. The domain name was purchased in January of 2016.  It is a new system not to be confused with a previous program with the same name.  ECC is a Funded Proposal Marketing System.  This means that it is a system that allows you to generate instant cash flow and build your primary business.  ECC allows you to sell a low ticket item ($18) on the front end and promote your primary offer (any one of your choosing) on the backend.


What Easy Cash Code IS NOT

Now that I have explained what Easy Cash Code is, I should also explain what it is not.  Easy Cash Code is not a Network Marketing Company (MLM) and it is not a business opportunity.  ECC does not payout any commission checks.  There is no downline or compensation plan.  ECC is a direct referral system, when you refer someone you get paid directly from the person you referred.


Is Easy Cash Code a Scam?

No ScamEasy Cash Code is not a scam.  The system was created in January 2016, therefore any scam reports created prior to this time were related to a former system which used the same name.  There is nothing fraudulent about the current system.  You sign up for $18 and you are given the tools you need to make repeated $18 commissions directly to your PayPal or Stripe account.  You can upgrade to make more money or you can stay at the base level.

If you Google, Bing, or Yahoo Easy Cash Code to get more information on the system make sure you look at the date of the review.  I’ve seen quite a few reviews of the old system.  The ECC Sales video has no private jets or mansions being shown and it does not cost $49.  Also, the system is not related to trading binary options in any way.  If the review was not posted in 2016 it is safe to say that the review is of the old system.


What Do You Get for $18?

Easy Cash CodeEasy Cash Code provides a ton of value for just $18.  The system provides, start-up instructions, banners, ready made lead capture pages, affiliate training, marketing training, and basic resell rights.  ECC works with PayPal and Stripe and detailed instructions are provided detailing how to set up the system for each payment gateway.  If you use Banner Exchange programs, ECC provides ready made banners in various sizes with html code included that is already precoded with your affiliate link.  Just copy paste and you’re ready to promote using the pre-made ECC Banners. ECC also provides multiple ready made lead capture pages that allow you to build your email list and follow-up with your leads.  ECC lead capture pages work with or without a third party auto-responder.  Currently ECC integrates with Aweber and GetResponse.  Finally, ECC provides multiple affiliate and marketing training videos that teach how to use the system and make money online.


How Does the System Work

Sometimes just hearing a system explained does not make it clear how the system works.  Here is a real world example:

  • I promote my ECC Affiliate link in Facebook Groups.  I use ClickMagic to track my links to see how many clicks I’m getting and to make my links look more professional with my domain name.


  • A prospective lead clicks on my link, which sends them to my pre-made lead capture page that was provided to me when I joined the ECC system.  Also note that I integrated my existing Aweber account with the ECC system so that I can capture my leads using Aweber and send out a follow-up email sequence to my leads.


  • My lead watches the ECC Sales Video and decides to join the system.  They make a payment with their Credit Card and that payment instantly goes to my PayPal account.


  • My lead is now a member of my Team in the ECC system.  This means that inside of their ECC Back office they can see that I am the person that referred them.  They can also see a video of my primary business which is Skinny Body Care.


  • My new team member receives a Welcome email, sent by me, that tells them how to log into their ECC Back office and how to get started using the system.  They are also invited to join the ECC Members Only Facebook Group where additional training and community support is available.


  • Once inside the ECC Back office my new team member walks through the pre-set getting started training which provides step-by-step instructions on setting up PayPal and Stripe.  They are now ready to start marketing their affiliate link an making unlimited $18 commissions.


  • Next, my new team member is directed to video training on upgrading to the Master Reseller License ($9.95/month) which will allow them to make 100% commissions on the SMS Pro Software and any new products added to the ECC System.  This step is not required.  However, my team member does not want to leave money on the table so they upgrade.


  • Next, my new team member is directed to watch a informational video on the SMS Pro Software which will enable them to market their ECC Affiliate link via SMS Text messages as well as make a residual income off of selling the SMS Pro Software ($20/month).  Again, this step is not required but since my new team member has purchased the Master Reseller License, they also purchase the SMS Pro Software.  This will allow them to not only use the software but also make a residual income from any of their ECC members that purchase the software. Note:  I now make $20/month residual income.


  • Last but not least, my new team member is directed to watch my sales video to join Skinny Body Care.  They love the system and they become a new SBC Distributor.  They now add Skinny Body Care into ECC and any of their new team members will see their Skinny Body Care video and join our team resulting in us both making more commissions.


As you can see in the scenario above I promoted my ECC link on Facebook (which was free), was paid $18 directly from my new team member, was paid $20 when my new team member upgraded to SMS Pro (and I will receive this $20 monthly), and I got a new Skinny Body Care Distributor on my team which will produce additional commissions as well.  And all of this cost me a one time fee of $18.

Note:  The ECC prices in the scenario above are subject to change at any time.  As more products are added I suspect the Master Reseller License will be higher.

What Can Easy Cash Code Do for You?

Easy Cash Code is designed for any Internet Marketer from any company that wants to increase their sales and sign-ups in their primary company as well as new Internet Marketers just getting started.  ECC can help you if…

  • You are having low conversions from cold traffic


  • You need money for paid advertising


  • You need money for your monthly subscription or auto-ship payments


  • You need an additional income stream to cover business expenses


  • You need training and support because you are just getting started


  • You want to start a home-based business but you do not have the initial money to get started


What Now?

It’s time for you to take action.  Use the link below to get started.  It’s an $18 decision that can change your life.

Click Here to Get Started Now

Email Marketing: Internet Marketer’s Tool Box #4

Welcome to the fourth edition of the PBS Market Internet Marketer’s Tool Box which focuses on Email Marketing.

Each week I will highlight awesome tools that would make great additions to every Internet Marketer’s arsenal of tools.

This week’s tool is AWeber.  Now that you have your website funnels created with Click Funnels, and you are using ClickMagick to track your clicks, and Canva to create stunning graphics, you will need to start gathering the email addresses of the people that enter your funnel.  AWeber is an Auto Responder service that allows you to build an email list of subscribers and to send email messages to all or segments of your email subscribers instantly or on a scheduled basis.  I created the email you are reading now using AWeber.

Email Marketing Made Easy

Email Marketing Made Easy



AWeber is an Email Marketing Program that contains tons of valuable features:

  • Campaigns – Create automated emails with a drag and drop editor
  • Autoresponder Follow Up – Send a sequence of emails that can be delivered automatically
  • Sign Up Forms – Build your list quickly with stylish mobile responsive Sign-Up forms
  • Email Newsletters – Create beautiful, professional looking newsletters
  • HTML Email Templates – Access over 700 mobile responsive email templates

… and much much more

AWeber has a very clear and easy to use interface that makes creating your email list and engaging with your list simple and worry free.  From personal experience I can also tell you that AWeber has a very responsive Customer Service team.  I reached out to their customer service department via an online chat session and the representative was able to assist me instantly.  I did not have to submit a support ticket and wait for a response.  This is very important when you are trying to get your business running smoothly.

AWeber has a 30 Day Free Trial so that you can test drive their services.  The free trial includes access to all features.  After that you pay $19/month for up to 500 subscribers & unlimited emails.  You monthly subscription rate increases as your number of subscribers increase.  The prices remain reasonable as 501-2,500 subscribers is $29/month.
Click Here to Give AWeber a Try today for Free

Internet Marketing Technical Help for Newbies

Internet Marketing Technical Help

internet marketing technical help

internet marketing technical help

Making money online is not as easy as it is promoted to be. Therefore many people just getting started need internet marketing technical help.

I am new to the internet marketing industry, however I have been involved with the internet technically for over 16 years.  I have owned and operated a website design company, web hosting company, and I have managed countless software development projects.  Consequently the technical setup of my internet marketing business was pretty easy for me.  I was familiar with the terminology and I already had many of the tools needed to get started.  After helping a good friend get setup with her My Funnel Empire funnel, I realized that many of my subscribers will not have a technical background when it comes to the internet and getting started can be confusing and subsequently frustrating.

What is an Autoresponder? How do I create a squeeze page?  What is a funnel?  What is web hosting?  Do I need web hosting?

You may have asked yourself these questions.  When trying to find answers it is easy to experience information overload.  Help has arrived!

I’m Here to Help!

I am available to give you one on one support.  Simply click on the “Help Request” link in the main menu of my blog site and complete the short form.  I will contact you via email to schedule a time for me to assist you via the communication channel of your choice.

This service is FREE.  All I require is that you are an active member of my email list.  That’s it!

I probably will not be able to offer this type of free one on one support for very long.  Therefore, if you need assistance reach out to me now.

Click Here to Access the Help Request Form Now

Internet Marketing – Get Started Today

internet marketingThere are many people today looking for ways make money online. Choosing ways to make money online can be a daunting task.  There are also many scams lurking on the internet.  When faced with the task of choosing an online business I landed in the world of internet marketing.


What is Internet Marketing?

According to Webopedia “Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce.” Internet marketing can also be broken down into specialized areas such as email marketing, web marketing, and social media marketing.


How to Get Started?

Getting started in internet marketing takes research and patience. You will find many claims that you can make a 6 figure income in 90 days, however becoming truly successful takes time and/or money.  There are many people making very good money in internet marketing. With dedication and patience you can also get your piece of the pie.

You must decide on your first niche and the products you will promote.  A niche is focused marketing area.  Some of the most profitable marketing niches include business opportunities, health and fitness, and dating and relationships.  Once you have chosen your niche you will need to choose the products you will promote.  You can choose to develop a product of your own or you can choose to become an affiliate and market a product that someone else has created.


Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing

There are multiple subcategories of Internet Marketing. Once you determine your niche, you will need to determine the type or types of marketing that will work best for you. Two common subcategories of Internet Marketing are Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing. Affiliate Marketing consists of selling another company’s products or services and receiving a percentage of each sell as a commission. Network Marketing consists of selling a company’s products as well as working to bring in other people to sell products as well. In Network Marketing you receive commissions for your product sells as well as those of the people that you have brought into the company. Each Network Marketing company will have its own compensation plan. As an Internet Marketer you can choose affiliate marketing, network marketing, or a combination of both.


Email Marketing

Building an email list is an important component of your Internet Marketing strategy. You will quickly learn that “the money is in the list”.  Building a robust and responsive email list will allow you to promote your products, affiliate offers, or network marketing opportunity and make commissions from the sells of those products. Start building your email list immediately.  Click Here for an excellent offer that will allow you to begin building your list with a free website and tons of information to get you started.

Take Action!

It is time to TAKE ACTION!  Do your research and determine if you would like to begin with Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing. Use the links below to get started right away…

Click Here to get started in Affiliate Marketing
Click Here to get started in Network Marketing


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