Internet Marketing Technical Help

internet marketing technical help

internet marketing technical help

Making money online is not as easy as it is promoted to be. Therefore many people just getting started need internet marketing technical help.

I am new to the internet marketing industry, however I have been involved with the internet technically for over 16 years.  I have owned and operated a website design company, web hosting company, and I have managed countless software development projects.  Consequently the technical setup of my internet marketing business was pretty easy for me.  I was familiar with the terminology and I already had many of the tools needed to get started.  After helping a good friend get setup with her My Funnel Empire funnel, I realized that many of my subscribers will not have a technical background when it comes to the internet and getting started can be confusing and subsequently frustrating.

What is an Autoresponder? How do I create a squeeze page?  What is a funnel?  What is web hosting?  Do I need web hosting?

You may have asked yourself these questions.  When trying to find answers it is easy to experience information overload.  Help has arrived!

I’m Here to Help!

I am available to give you one on one support.  Simply click on the “Help Request” link in the main menu of my blog site and complete the short form.  I will contact you via email to schedule a time for me to assist you via the communication channel of your choice.

This service is FREE.  All I require is that you are an active member of my email list.  That’s it!

I probably will not be able to offer this type of free one on one support for very long.  Therefore, if you need assistance reach out to me now.

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