Candy Machine Business – Sweet Passive Income


Starting a candy machine business is a good way to make extra passive income while working a full-time job.

Once you get the business going you can add more machines and eventually grow into a full-time
vending machine business. This will allow you to quit your slave day job!

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Make Money With Vending Machines


You can start small with an investment under $100 dollars for your first machine. All you need is the candy and a good location and you’re all set.

Below I will outline the basics of the candy machine business startup.

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candy machine business


Candy Machine Business – Sweet Passive Income


Buying A Candy Vending Machine


Inexpensive new machines can be hard to find. Your best bet is buying a used machine. Take a look at places like Craigslist.

Check local newspaper classifieds or eBay. The best type of candy vending machines are those with two or three heads.

The reason for this is you can offer various types of gumballs or candies. Each head can have a different offering of candy.


Finding The Candy

candy machine business

Next, you want to buy candy or gumballs. Sam’s Club is one place you can buy bulk candy online.
Another good place to buy online is AMAZON. They also have reasonably priced gumball candy machines for sale.

Or you can do a google search for bulk candy for vending machines and see what you can find.


Finding A Location


This is one of the most important aspects of any vending machine business. The location must have a lot of foot traffic. There need to be many people walking by your machines in order for you to do good business. There are many places you could put a candy vending machine.

You should walk in and talk to the owners of restaurants and try to make a deal with them
If they allow you to place a machine close to where people walk in and order food you will have a pretty good spot. Any place where people have to wait for an order is a great spot.

If they happen to have kids with them, you are almost guaranteed business! Kids love candies.
This is another good point. You want to place your machines where there are lots of kids. Near schools, in malls where kids hangout or any other place you can think of were children or teens congregate.

Daycare’s, or convenience stores are also great locations. The trick is to find a good spot that has not been taken. There is much competition from other vending machine owners who are also looking for, or already have the good spots.

Also, if possible, make sure the machines are not too close to your competition or any other stores selling similar items. It will only serve to take away business from your machines.


Talking To Store Owners

candy machine business

It’s best to walk into a store or business directly and talk to the owner or manager there. Face to face communication works best. However, if you are a good phone salesperson you might want to call the stores and give them your pitch.

Just remember to emphasize how having a candy machine in their store or business will benefit them.

You could point out, for example, how it will bring in more business. Explain that you will be the one doing all the work maintaining machines.  Tell them it is a good passive income for them. All the machine has to do is sit there and collect money. They may want a small percentage of the profit.

Never agree to give more than around 10% though.


Legal Advice

candy machine business

It’s always wise to seek out a lawyer when starting any type of business. The lawyer will advise you to get licenses and set up your business in a way so as to protect your personal assets in the case something should go wrong.

For example, if someone eats a gumball from your machine and gets sick, they could decide to sue you. If that happens and you are not legally protected it could cost you your home, car and more.



candy machine business

Keep your machines filled and clean. Visit your machines on a regular basis to empty the money from the machine.

If you don’t empty your machines often enough, you will lose money on your candy machine business because customers won’t be able to insert their coins.

Also, carry spare parts in your car or truck in case the machines break.




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