How to Create an Email List – Step by Step Tutorial

how to create an email list

If you are new to Internet Marketing or Blogging I’m sure you have read that you need to create an email list. An email list is an essential part of your internet marketing strategy. It is a required marketing tool for most types of internet marketing. Knowing that you need an email list and knowing how to create an email list are two completely different things.  Now that you know that you need an email list, I’m going to give you step by step instructions on how to create an email list.

As the goal of this post is to help beginners, I’d like to cover a few basics first.  I promise I won’t leave you hanging with fluffy ideas and never tell you actually how to create an email list.

Don’t you just hate that!

What is an Email List?


An email list is a repository of email addresses used for the purpose of distributing information to the entire group at once.  It is important to note that the owners of the email addresses on an email list have given the owner of the email list permission to send them information via email.  They also have the ability to say they no longer want to receive emails from the owner.

If you are currently receiving email advertisements from your favorite stores then you are a member of their email list.  The members of an email list are called subscribers. In order to become a subscriber, you gave your permission to be added to the email list.  This could have been done by you giving your email address to a cashier in the store.  You could have also entered your email address on a form on the store’s website.  As a subscriber, you can remove yourself from the email list at any time.  This is done by using the unsubscribe feature associated with the email list.  An unsubscribe link is normally located at the bottom of every email that is sent to the subscribers on the email list.


Why Do You Need an Email List?


An email list is used to allow you to build a relationship with your subscribers.  It allows you to share your content with a large group of people all at once.  Can you imagine trying to email 10,000 people by entering their email addresses in the “To” field of your Gmail account?  It would be highly difficult if not virtually impossible.

Email lists are used to distribute a wide range on content.  If you are a subscriber to Walmart’s email list then you receive content such as in-store and online sales promotions.  You also receive targeted content based on your current shopping habits on the Walmart website.  If you subscribe to any blog email lists, then you receive content relating to new blog posts, contests, or give-a-ways associated with the blog.  Joining an email list allows you as a subscriber to stay up to date on content that interests you.  If you are a subscriber to email lists, you can easily see how they can benefit you as an email list owner.  An email list will allow you to keep your readers or customers up to date on your content.

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What is an Autoresponder?


You may have come across the term “Autoresponder” when doing your research on creating an email list.  An autoresponder is a software program that automatically sends out an email when someone requests information.  An autoresponder is a very important feature of the software that you will use to manage your email list.  It will allow you to immediately greet new subscribers to your email list.  It will also allow you to create what is called a “follow-up sequence”.  A follow-up sequence is a series of emails that are sent to a subscriber on a predetermined schedule.  A follow-up sequence can be used to promote a product or to bring new subscribers up to speed on content that they may have missed.

Now that we’ve covered some basics, let’s move into how to create an email list.

Note: This page contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy something using one of the links below, I may earn a commission.

how to create an email list

how to create an email list

How to Create an Email List


Choose a Service Provider


There are multiple email list service providers to choose from.  Some of the top service providers include:

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • Mail Chimp


I have personally used Aweber, GetResponse and Mail Chimp.  Aweber is currently my service provider of choice and I highly recommend their services.  Aweber has a user-friendly interface and their customer service is very fast and responsive.  They also have a great affiliate program, which is a plus.  As an affiliate marketer, I like to promote services and products that I actually use.

Therefore, in this tutorial, I will use Aweber to set up an email list.  If you would like to follow along and set up your email list as you go through the tutorial, click here to get a Free 30-Day Aweber Trial account.  A new window will open to allow you to get your free 30-day trial account while keeping this window open for the tutorial.

How to Create an Email List:  Step By Step Instructions


Let’s get started!  Log into your newly created Aweber account and follow along with the instructions below:

1.  Click on the “Manage Lists” link located at the top of the AWeber control panel.

how to create an email list

2.  On the resulting page, click on the “Create A List” button.

how to create an email list

3. You will be taken to the Set Up Your List page.  You will be asked to enter the following information:

Your Company Name – this is the name of your company or blog site.  It will be displayed to the subscribers of your list.

Your Company Website – this is your company or blog’s website URL.

how to create an email list

A mailing address for the bottom of emails – this is a physical mailing address that will appear at the bottom of all of your emails.  It is also known as the CAN-SPAM address.  The CAN-SPAM Act is a U.S. law that regulates commercial email.  The law requires that all commercial emails include a physical address or P.O. Box address.  Keep in mind that this email address will be at the bottom of all of your emails.  Using your home address is not recommended.

how to create an email list

Sender Name – this is the name that you would like your subscriber to see as the sender of your emails.  I use the following as my sender name:  Shawn Jones (PBS Market)

Sender Email – this is the email address that you would like your subscribers to see as the sender of your email. It is not recommended that you use an email address from a free service such as Gmail or Yahoo mail.  It is best that you use an email address associated with your website.  I use the following as my sender email:  [email protected]

If you do not have an email account associated with a domain name that you own, you can get one by purchasing a domain name.  Click here to learn how to get a domain name from GoDaddy.  Once you have a domain name from GoDaddy you can also purchase the ability to set up an email address using that domain name. Or you can set up a blog site using a web hosting provider.  Your web hosting service will include the ability to set up email addresses with your domain name.

 how to create an email list

4. After you have entered all of the requested information on the Setup Your List page, select the “Next Step” button.

5.  Next, you will be taken to the Describe Your List page. You will be asked to enter the following information relating to your email list:

List Name – this is the name of your email list.  Here are some examples:  PBS Market Blog or The Unique Fashion Newsletter

List Description – this is a brief description of your email list.  This description is shown to a describer if they decide to unsubscribe from your list.  It will help them understand what they are unsubscribing from.  It is also helpful if you have multiple lists.

how to create an email list

4.  After you have entered all of the requested information on the Describe Your List page, select the “Next Step” button.

5.  Finally, you will be taken to the page where you are to Approve Your Confirmation Message.  A confirmation message is an email that anyone who subscribes to your email list will receive.  It allows them to confirm that they are agreeing to receive your emails.

6.  Once on the Approve Your Confirmation Message page you will need to choose from a Pre-Approved Subject line or Request a Custom Subject Line.  In most cases, you will simply choose from the list of Pre-Approved Subject lines.

how to create an email list

7.  Your final step is to edit your Confirmation Message Body.  This is the body of the email confirmation message that is sent to all of your new subscribers.  You can leave this message as is or press either of the “edit” buttons to alter the beginning or end of the message.

how to create an email list

8.  Once you are satisfied with the text in your confirmation message, select the “Approve Message & Create List” button.

THAT’S IT!  You have created an email list.  You can now begin collecting subscribers via your website, blog, or landing pages.

Now that you know how to create an email list, feel free to create multiple lists so that you can deliver targeted content to your subscribers.


Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment and let me know if this tutorial was helpful. Also, leave a comment if you got stuck or need my help in any way.  If I don’t know the answer I’m sure I can direct you to the person who does.

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  1. Comment Wow! This is the best email I’ve ever received. It has always been my dream to work online and I’ve spent years on the internet without knowing from where to start. None of the “internet gurus” ever cares about how you are faring except to request that you buy this or buy that and after the purchase, you’re abandoned. Meaning you’re back to square one.
    This is the first time I’ve seen someone who has taken me to the basics. Now I know some very vital information about internet marketing. Thank you Shawn, you don’t know how much I appreciate this. Thank you very much.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Onah!

      I’m super happy that you found this post useful. I’ve noticed that there is a lot of content out there that tell you what you need to do. However, finding content that tells you how to do it is slightly more difficult. I’ll do my best to continue to post valuable tutorials. Come back often and keep commenting!

      Shawn 😉

  2. Oooh thanks for all the info. I’ve been wondering about email lists and think it needs to be next on my list to up my blogging game. The instructions are so detailed that I’m going to have no problem when I get around to focusing on this- thanks for sharing. This is going on my Pinterest for sure ❤️

    1. Author

      Thanks Jamie! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. Great info! There are lots of ways to start an email list and the sooner the better so that you can start building a following. I use Mailerlite which is free for your first 1000 subscribers and is super easy to use. I started with Mailchimp and found it very confusing!

    1. Author

      Thanks Heather! I started out with Mailchimp as well. Thanks for the info on Mailerlite. Free for the first 1000 subscribers sounds awesome.

  4. This is great! I definitely will use this down the road when I am ready to start using an email list! Great advice and love the step-by-step.

    1. Author

      Thanks Briana! If you need any help just let me know.

  5. Thank you so much for this post, It has been so helpful!!
    keep writing like this!

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