How to Promote Your Website or Blog

how to promote your website or blog

You have created an informative website or a creative and expressive blog post.  Now it’s time to let people see your site.  This is sometimes easier said than done.  To get visitors to your site you must promote or advertise your site.  This consists of putting your content in front of people who would be interested in what you have to say or sell.  In this blog post, I’m going to tell you how to promote your website or blog.

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how to promote your website or blog

how to promote your website or blog
how to promote your website or blog


How to Promote Your Website or Blog


How to promote your website or blog in Search Engines

Search Engines are by far the best way to promote your website or blog.  However, search engines can also be seen as the most complicated method of promoting your content.  Despite its complexities, ensuring that your content is available to search engines should be an important part of promoting your site.

Getting listed in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing involves optimizing your site so that your content is easily discovered and displayed by search engines.  This process is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  SEO can be complicated however there are basic rules that you can follow when creating your content to ensure that your site is in the running to be presented to search engine users.

Search Engine Watch has a detailed post that discusses SEO basics and provides 22 essentials you need to optimize your site.

Pro Tip:  Guest Posting is an awesome way to promote your blog and increase your chances to rank in search engines.


How to promote your website or blog on Pinterest

Although not as popular as most social media platforms Pinterest is an excellent way of promoting your website or blog.  Pinterest should be thought of as more of a search engine than a social media site.

If using Pinterest there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to increase your traffic.  You should take the time to optimize your Pinterest profile.  Ensure that you upgrade to a business Pinterest account, make sure that you have an optimize Business Name and Description, and make sure that you pin both your content and the content of others.  When pinning it is good to follow the 80/20 Rule, which means posting 80% of others content and 20% of your own content.  Remember that Pinterest is a search engine, so keywords are very important to get your content found.  Most importantly you must pin vibrant tall images that display the clear objective of the content you are promoting.

There are also great tools like Tailwind that will allow you to automate your Pinterest pinning strategy.  Automating your pinning will allow you to pin continuously throughout the day without spending hours on Pinterest.

Pro Tip:  Pinterest is the first step in getting a large number of visitors to your site.  Learn how to use Pin Signals to give your blog a huge traffic boost.


How to promote your website or blog on Instagram

Instagram is another often overlooked option when it comes to promoting a website or blog.  It is a social media site designed around posting images.  So, how do you promote your site with pictures only?  It’s easier then you think!

Promoting your site on Instagram consists of creating a business Instagram account that includes a link to your site in the profile.  After you have optimized your profile, your goal is to choose a theme and post high-quality images relating that that theme.  Adding hashtags to your images that attract the type of people you would like to visit your site allows you to gain followers and those follows will click on the link in your profile and visit your site.

Let’s look at the PBS Market Instagram page as an example.  I focus on posting vibrant luxury lifestyle images.  This includes images of luxury houses, cars, planes, food, and travel destinations. I also include vibrant nature images because they catch the eye of many visitors. My goal is to attract visitors that want to increase their income but learning to make money online which will allow them to live a life of luxury.

I would love to have you as an Instagram follower! Click on the image below to visit and follow PBS Market on Instagram.

how to promote your website or blog


How to promote your website or blog on Twitter

Promoting your site on Twitter is a no-brainer.  Twitter allows you to send out short messages with links to your content. This allows you to promote your site as a whole or to highlight specific posts, products, or promotions.

In order to promote your content on Twitter, you should ensure that you have a business Twitter account and your Twitter profile is optimized.  Your profile should contain a professional header image as well as a professional main image.  Your profile should also include a link to your site so that new followers can easily access your content.  As with all social media sites, you should post valuable consistently without being spammy.  It is also important to interact with your followers by commenting, liking, and retweeting.  Twitter also supports hashtags which allow you to attract new followers to your content.

Take a moment and visit the PBS Market Twitter page.  Make sure you follow so you can keep up with my content.  Likes and retweets are greatly appreciated.

To get readers to your blog or website you must promote your content. Learn 6 Ways to Promote Your Blog or Website on Click To Tweet


How to promote your website or blog on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for promoting your website or blog.  It has multiple ways to share content.  You can post on your personal wall, on your Facebook page, in Facebook groups, or even by using paid Facebook Ads.

One of the first places to start when promoting your site on Facebook is a Facebook page.  Facebook pages are designed to promote business content.  They are designed to easily allow you to promote your content and achieve certain goals.  Your Facebook page can be designed to drive visitors to your website or even help you to gather leads.  When designing your Facebook page you should ensure that you have a professional looking header and main image.

When maintaining your Facebook page it is important to post valuable content and remain consistent with your posts.  People that like your page are more willing to engage with you if they see that your content is fresh and engaging.


Facebook Groups

Another method of promoting your content on Facebook is in Facebook groups.  Groups give you a larger audience to share your content with.  When choosing Facebook groups make sure that the group is related to the type of content that you post and that you follow the posting rules of the group.  It is also very important that you do not spam your content in Facebook groups.  Facebook takes spam seriously and you can quickly be placed in Facebook jail.  Facebook jail simply means you will be blocked from posting in groups for a specified amount of time.  As the name suggests Facebook jail is no fun.  🙁

If you find the proper groups and obey the rules of the group and Facebook you will find great success in promoting your site in Facebook groups.  As always, be sure that you are posting valuable content.  You should also give back to the group by engaging with other member’s posts by commenting, liking, and sharing.  This will help you build relationships and in turn, bring you more traffic to your site.

Check out the PBS Market Facebook page.  Be sure to give me a like so that you can see the valuable content being posted daily relating to social media strategies and ways to make money online.

how to promote your website or blog


How to promote your website or blog with an Email List

Last but not least an Email List is a great way to promote your website or blog.  An email list is a list of email address of people who have agreed to receive your content.  This provides you with a group of people who are already interested in your site and are actively ready to receive your content.

Promoting your content to your email list consists of sending broadcast emails that are sent to each member of your list.  Broadcast emails can consist of introductions to a new blog post, new products, sales, special promotions or contests.  Because your subscribers have chosen to join your list, you are sure to draw traffic to your site.


If you do not already have an email list, take a look at my how to create an email list blog post.  It will tell you more reasons why you need an email list as well as give you step by step instructions on how to create one.

Now that I’ve shown you how to promote your website or blog, it’s time to start promoting.  If you don’t already have a website or blog, what are you waiting for?  Click here to learn how to start a WordPress blog.  The world is waiting to hear what you have to say.

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How to Promote Your Blog


Thanks for reading!

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