Why You Are Not Making Money Online

Why You Are Not Making Money Online

You’ve joined or purchased this great system or started your blog and you’re ready to start making money online.  Days, weeks, or even months pass by and you haven’t made any money.  What’s the problem?  Let’s dive into why you are not making money online.

There are many reasons why people decide to take the plug into making money online.  You might be between jobs.  You might need a supplemental income so that you can travel, shop, or eat out at your favorite restaurants.  Or you might be an entrepreneur and you want to start your own business.  These are all great reasons to start your journey into making money online.  But the very reason that you want to make money online may be apart of the problem.

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You’ve chosen the opportunity you want to pursue.  And now everything inside of you is screaming “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!”

But there is no money in sight…

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you the main reasons why you are not making money online.


Why You Are Not Making Money Online

Why You Are Not Making Money Online
Why You Are Not Making Money Online
Why You Are Not Making Money Online | Learn the main reasons why you are not making money online and how to fix them fast!
Why You Are Not Making Money Online | Learn the hidden reasons you are not making money online and how to fix them fast!


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Why You Are Not Making Money Online


You Haven’t Been Trying Long Enough


why you are not making money onlineMaking money online takes time and a lot of patience.  I’m sad to say that there is no magic get rich quick formula. No matter what strategy you use to make money online, it will take time before you see lucrative results.  Successful online entrepreneurs have spent years building their brand and their skills.  Many beginners make the mistake of losing focus if they do not see immediate results.

For example:  If you have just joined a new system, such as Easy Cash Code, you will need to take the time to get set up and learn the business.  There are administrative tasks that must be completed before you can even begin to make money.  These things include viewing the training videos, setting up your payment processors, and deciding on a marketing strategy.  This can take various lengths of time due to your skill level.  You can’t work on it for 2 weeks and then decide that the system doesn’t work.


Resolution:  Be Patient.  Give yourself time to learn the business.  To be successful you must try new things, adjust if you are not seeing results, and monitor and track your progress.  Don’t quit before you have a chance to succeed.



You Are Not Putting in the Work


why you are not making money onlineWhen shopping for online opportunities you see advertising buzz words like Easy, Newbie Friendly, and Turnkey.  These terms give the impressing that you will sign up and you’ll start making money immediately without you having to put in much work.  This just isn’t the case.  No matter how easy the system is to understand or how much training you are provided, you must do the work.

So, what is “The Work”?

Doing the work means completing the daily tasks needed to be successful.  If you are in Network Marketing you have to take the time to reach out and talk to new people.  If you are a blogger, you have to post interesting content on a regular basis and market your blog.  All strategies require work.

It is also important to add that the less money you invest in automating your business the more work you will have to do.  It’s completely understandable if you don’t have the money to pay for Facebook Ads or auto scheduling software to post to social media.  You will need to put in more work to manually promote yourself on Facebook and other social media platforms.


Resolution:  Do the work!  Determine what work needs to be done to produce your desired results.  Then schedule time daily to do those tasks.  Writing a daily to-do list is one way to stay on schedule and ensure you have completed all that you need to do for the day.



You Have the Wrong Mindset


why you are not making money onlineWhen I first got into Internet Marketing I listened to countless webinars, podcasts, and training calls.  The one thing they all had in common is that they all started with the topic of Mindset.  I was new and anxious to learn and I honestly didn’t want to hear about my mindset.  I wanted to jump straight into the “meat” of the training where I was being told exactly what needed to be done.  Little did I know that mindset would be just as important.

The online marketing industry is a very competitive space.  You are competing against large companies as well as other entrepreneurs in your niche.  If you do not enter into this space with the right mindset you are setting yourself up for failure.


Resolution:  Adopt a mindset of success.  This consists of tailoring your thoughts and actions on those things that will make you successful.  Successful people experience setbacks all the time.  However, they never quit and are always ready to implement new ideas and try new strategies.   Believe in yourself, invest in yourself, and see yourself as being a success.  And most importantly don’t let anyone tell you that you will not succeed.  You validation does not come from others… it comes from you.


You Aren’t Investing in Yourself


why you are not making money onlineIf you want to be great at something you must study it.  The internet provides tons of free information on every topic imaginable.  However, there are times when you must invest in yourself by spending money to support your education on a topic.  Some ways to invest in yourself might be purchasing books, e-books, e-courses, or case studies.

Investing in yourself doesn’t mean buying every course or book you are presented with.  Research and decide which books, opportunities, or mentors might be right for you.  If you purchase something that wasn’t of value, using it as a learning experience to help you choose better next time.  Never let a bad experience keep you from moving forward.


Resolution:  Think about the areas of your strategy where you are not getting the desired results or where you lack the most knowledge.  Once you have identified areas of focus, look for others that have achieved the results you are looking for in those areas.  Study the methods that they used to achieve results.  Find out if they recommend certain books, courses, or if they offer mentoring services.


You Aren’t Taking Action


why you are not making money onlineComing up with your plan of action for making money online is only one piece of the puzzle.  Learning from others by reading, listening to podcasts and taking training courses is another.  In order to start making money online, you have to take the next step.

You have to Take Action!

Taking action simply means implementing your plans or what you have learned.  This is the step where procrastination and fear are thrown out the window.  You start doing instead of thinking, observing, or studying.  You’ll notice that I mentioned fear.  Fear is one of the major causes of lack of action.  People fear making mistakes.  When in reality mistakes teach you and propel you forward


Resolution:  Take the first step.  If you want to start a blog, set up your WordPress site and hosting.  If you are interested in Network Marketing, join that company that you have been thinking about joining.  Join a company like Inbox Dollars, if you are interested in completing surveys to make money online.  Whatever strategy you are thinking about implementing to make money online.  Take the first step and get started.

Subscribing to the PBS Market Blog site is a great action step.  Take a moment now to join using the form below.


You Aren’t Treating it Like a Business


why you are not making money onlineMaking money online requires discipline.  It is not something that you can do sporadically.  If you currently work a 9-5 job, you are expected to start work and end work at a certain time.  You are also expected to complete certain tasks related to your job responsibilities.  These same things hold true for your online business.  In order to be successful, you should operate on a consistent schedule.  You must also do those activities that you might find less enjoyable.

If you are a blogger, chances are you are passionate about the subject that you are blogging about.  You might find blogging on a consistent schedule easy.  However, you must also ensure that your site is maintained technically.  If you are not a technical person, you might find these activities less enjoyable however they still must be done.


Resolution:  Make a set work schedule.  Also, make a list of specific business activities and decide when they should be done.  For example, you might work on financial tasks every Thursday.  Or you might work on social media marketing 1 hour every day.  Having a schedule will ensure that nothing gets overlooked.


Why You Are Not Making Money Online


Iwhy you are not making money online‘ve given you a few of the reasons why you are not making money online.  Do any of these apply to you?  At one time or another, they have all applied to me.  Fortunately, each of the items that I have pointed out can be easily corrected or avoided.

In the beginning of this post, I mentioned that the very reason that you want to make money online may be apart of the problem.

Let’s tie that into what we have discussed.

If you decided to make money online because you are between jobs then you may not have the luxury of waiting for the money to flow.  You must ensure that you have chosen a strategy that will result in money on a guaranteed schedule.  In order to meet the needs of your situation, you may want to try a system like inbox dollars where you complete surveys or other tasks to make money.  The amount of money you make is totally dependent on the amount of work that you do.   After you have established a steady income stream, you can then begin to expand into strategies that might not provide instant results but might provide higher payouts.

However, if you have decided to start your own business, your goal is to own a successful business.  This strategy will not always result in instant profits.  You will need to take the time to get your business established.  Initially, you will need to focus more on investing in yourself and your business.  And focus less on profits.

The key takeaway here is to choose a strategy that suits your situation and goals.  You then create the ability to expand your business and implement additional strategies that will bring in new income streams.

To your success!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi there, my first time on the blog. I love this article and I want to add to it, it’s safe to say that before sweating on why you are not making money online, you must ask yourself first what your main purpose of being online is, whether to make money or to impact lives on the internet. To some people it’s the later but they just got confused and blinded with the trend of making money online so they lose focus and bearing. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Author

      Thanks Dominica! I totally agree with your comment. You can’t get blinded by the desire to make money online. Even if that is one of the goals your main focus has to be on good content, products, and services.

  2. Your article is totally on point. People expect the online cash fairy to tap them with the magic wand and bleeds them with sales. I’ve had people call me a conman after 8 days in the business and they haven’t made any sales. People need patience and dedication to survive and succeed at this. Great work my fellow ATLien.

    1. Author

      Thanks Terry. I’ve run into that myself. I try to paint a clear picture to people that I present offers to. I let everyone know there is no magic get rich offer. You have to put in work.

  3. Mahalo nui (thank you very much),
    This is one of the articles that I will be keeping on my Pinterest board (smilemakeothershappy – blogging stuff) because it has things relevant for me, and I will be able to look back on it if I need to refresh my memory. ?

    1. Author

      Glad you liked it Stacy!

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