Increase Sales

When it comes to Internet Marketing it is always a goal to increase sales and conversions.  There are multiple factors that play a role in determining how well your product will sell.  However, there are some best practices that will ensure that you are putting your best foot forward with your marketing campaigns.

In the blog post, I’m going to give you 5 simple ways you can increase sales and conversions when marketing online.

Increase sales

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5 Simple Ways to Increase Sales and Conversions


#1 Retargeting


In most cases, your customer will not purchase your offer the first time it is presented to them.  Retargeting consists of submitting your offer to the same audience more than one time.  Retargeting can be done in many ways.  For example, if you are marketing via an email list you can create a series of scheduled emails presenting the same product to your list subscribers in a variety of ways.  This email series would be scheduled so that it is sent out to your list over the course of a few days.  You can also accomplish retargeting in your social media marketing by creating a variety of content (Tweets, Facebook Graphics, Pinterest Pins, or Instagram Images) that promote the same product.  You would then schedule social media campaigns to push out your content over the course of a few days.

Retargeting will increase sales by providing your customers with multiple reasons and opportunities to view and purchase your products or services.


#2 Split Testing


Split Testing is the act of creating multiple versions of your marketing content (images, landing pages, etc.) and testing which version your customer like the best.  If you are not split testing your marketing content you a simply “hoping” that you are using the best marketing materials.

So, how do you Split Test?

In order to split test, you must have a way to measure your results.  For example, if you are split testing a landing page you have to have a way to determine which version of your landing page gets the best conversions.  Or if you are split testing a Pinterest Pin, you will need a method to determine which Pin receives that most re-pins.

There are multiple tools available to assist you with measuring your split testing results.  ClickFunnels is a tool that helps you to create high converting landing pages with out you needing any technical experience.  ClickFunnels has a built in feature that allows you to create multiple versions of your landing pages and split test those pages by automatically tracking your conversion results.  ClickMagick is a link tracking tool that allows you to track how your links are performing.  ClickMagick also has built in split testing tools that allow you to split test your content.

Split testing allows you to increase sales by helping you to determine which content your customers like best.


#3 Clear Call to Action


A Call to Action is a statement in your marketing that tells your customer exactly what you want them to do as a result of viewing your content.  Some example Call to Action statements include:

  • Click Here to Get More Info
  • Enter Your Best Email Below and Recieve your Free Gift
  • Call Today
  • Like, Share, & Comment
  • Buy Now


Having a clear Call to Action in your marketing makes it easy for your customers to know what to do.  You would be surprised how many of your customers are motivated to action simply because you asked them to do so.

A clear Call to Action will increase sales and overall engagement by making the intent of your marketing clear and easy to understand.


#4 Call to Action Above the Fold


Including a Call to Action in your marketing is only the first step.  The location of your Call to Action is equally important.  Especially on Landing pages.  Your Call to Action should be located above that fold.  This means that your user should not have to scroll in order to view your call to action.  In some cases, this is difficult if not impossible depending on your content.

The image below is an example of a Call to Action appearing above the fold.  The person viewing this landing page does not have to scroll in order to see the Call to Action “JOIN THE 100 DAY CHALLENGE (FREE) RIGHT NOW “.

increase sales

Placing your call to action above the fold will increase sales by getting your customer’s attention faster.


#5 Email Follow-up Sequence


An email follow-up sequence is crucial when it comes to keeping your products or services in front of your customers.  It is an excellent way to accomplish Retargeting, which I discussed earlier.

An email follow-up sequence is easy to set up if you have the right tools.  An Autoresponder is a tool that is used to gather email addresses and contact information for an email list.  Autoresponders also allow you to schedule a sequence of emails that are sent to members of your email list.  They also allow you to send out emails to everyone on your email list as needed.  Aweber is a popular autoresponder that is simple and user-friendly.  Aweber allows you to automatically send out a series of emails to any user that joins your email list.

An email follow-up sequence ensures that your potential customers don’t forget about you.  It could also be the push a potential customer needs to make up their mind about trying your product or service.


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